BİPEM is the Project Coordination and Training Center of Bitlis Governorship. The Bitlis Governorship Project Coordination and Training Center (BİPEM) was established on 05.05.2016 by the "Bitlis Governorship Project Center Task and Working Directive". Erasmus + is the only institution in Bitlis with European Voluntary Service (EVS) accreditation.

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 Motivated Learning for everyone is an NGO; the association has carried out the following activities:

  1. Educational activities: organization of training courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, internships and other forms of education in the country and abroad;

  2. Organization of concerts, festivals, exhibitions, symposiums and other cultural events. Development of cultural and historical tourism;

  3. Activities related to the creation, preservation and presentation of works of art and culture in front of the general public;

  4. Youth work and activities for adults, including competitions, quizzes, sport events and more. Promotion of competition and cooperation between young people and people of 50 +;

  5. Transnational mobility related to the objectives of the association;

  6. Economic activities related to the main business: printing, publishing, advertising and consulting activities , educational services, cultural entrepreneurship and mediation, cultural tourism 

for more information please visit our website:

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